NESG Launches The 'In The National Interest' Documentary and Photobook, The Nigerian Economic Summit Group
Oct 2019

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) launched its documentary titled “In The National Interest” and coffee table photo book on the 29th of October, 2019. The documentary film and coffee table photo book were released as part of activities celebrating the 25th Nigerian Economic Summit.

The film not only details the past, present and future circumstances for Nigeria, but also takes a critical look at the economic activities through the different timelines from the lens of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG); a private sector think tank, founded to bridge the gap between the private and public sector in order to mitigate the struggles of everyday Nigerians and to enable widespread prosperity.


Mr. Udeme Ufot, a member of the board of the NESG in his welcome remark thanked everyone for their support at the 25th Nigerian Economic Summit and for gracing the launch of the NESG documentary and Photo book. He revealed that the NESG was releasing the documentary and photo book to document the activities of the NESG over the years and how the NESG has imparted Nigeria over the years.


Mrs. Nkechi Onyenso, Head, corporate services of the NESG read the preface of the coffee photo book written by the convener of the NESG, Chief Ernest Shonekan.


During the question and answer session, Mr. Ufot made it known that a lot of policies supported by the NESG have been implemented, even though it is not at the desired pace. He reiterated that there was a need for Nigeria to let go of subsidies and channel the money into infrastructure and investment. He however said that the NESG will continue to dialogue and ensure the growth of the Nigerian economy.


The CEO of the NESG, Mr. ‘Laoye Jaiyeola said Nigeria’s population doubles every 30 years and that there was a need to double infrastructural, social and human capital development to meet up with population growth. He said Nigeria needs to invest in her people and the economy to fasttrack development. He concluded by saying that the NESG believes in a free market economy and that it was important for the transformation of the Nigerian economy into a modern and globally competitive one.


To watch the full documentary, subscribe to NESG’s YouTube channel.


The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is a non-profit, non-partisan private sector organisation with a mandate to promote and champion the reform of the Nigerian economy into an open, private sector-led globally competitive economy. It was established in 1996 by a group of passionate and concerned private sector leaders as a platform for bringing together private sector leaders and senior public sector officials to discuss and dialogue on the future of the Nigerian Economy.

Over the years, the NESG has achieved significant progress in the areas of research outputs, execution of programmes, seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at facilitating the formulation and implementation of social and economic reform programmes for the growth and transformation of the Nigerian economy. The NESG has emerged as the most notable platform for public-private dialogue in Nigeria, and has also established an excellent working relationship with the Government of Nigeria, the public sector, private sector, and other stakeholders.