Shaping Policies Through Research

The NESG gathers, collates and analyse social and economic data on the Nigerian economy with a view of generating objective and credible reports to support evidence-based policy advocacy. Outputs of the NESG research are used to champion policymaking and review, by influencing the direction of economic and social policies towards sustainable growth and development of a modern globally competitive Nigerian economy.

The thematic areas of our research publications include: • Economic competitiveness • Foreign aid and investment • Inclusive growth, equitable and informal sector • Infrastructure, energy and power • Institutions and growth • Private sector and business environment • Regional integration and trade

An NESG Initiative

Call for Papers

The NESG Economic and Policy Review (EPR) is a bi-annual publication of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), established to serve as an avenue for constructive analysis of economic policies and their impacts on different aspects of the business and economic environment.

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Recent Publications

As an institution that thrives on research based advocacy, it is expedient that we provide periodic reports on the state of the Nation

Why Watchdog?

NESG recognises the need to inform and disseminate its research findings through various publications. These publications include various summit proceedings, conferences, dialogues and public lectures.



The Nigerian Economic Summit Group remains the most reliable source of Nigerian Economy related research items.