NESG Holds Closing Ceremony for First Cohort of Non-Residential Fellows

Posted Mon, Dec 11, 2023 11:49 AM

NESG Holds Closing Ceremony for First Cohort of Non-Residential Fellows

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), on 30th of November 2023, held a send-forth and closing ceremony for the first cohort of the NESG Non-Residential Fellowship Programme (NRFP). The NRFP is a knowledge hub that will bridge the gap between socioeconomic research and public policy and promote evidence-based policymaking in Nigeria. The Programme is research-driven, and Fellows collectively produce research outputs and engage in policy advocacy for a period of two (2) years.


In his remarks, the CEO-designate of the NESG, Dr Tayo Aduloju, said that the conception of the NRFP was to become a beacon of knowledge, a transformative force for bridging socioeconomic research and policy at the nexus of governance reforms in a volatile, uncertain and disruptive environment. He noted that the first cohort has, in their two years, produced cluster reports that feature the fellows' writings and that there has been positive feedback from the NESG's community that attests to the skills and dedication the fellows brought from their respective fields into the fellowship program and their overall contribution to the growth and development of Nigeria.


He also emphasized the commitment of the NESG to build a national and Pan-African community of African economists and socioeconomic researchers who can continue to go far beyond the boundaries of the NESG and transcend borders with evidence-based conversations that are transformative in shaping not only Nigeria but at length, Africa enabling a productive and globally competitive economy. 


Furthermore, Dr Aduloju noted that the NRFP marks the beginning of a journey to build socioeconomic researchers who will promote a modern, open, private sector-led, globally competitive Nigerian economy. He said that NRFP was birthed from the idea that research and policymaking are two hands that must clap together to birth sustainable solutions at scale. He reiterated that the ethos that forms the basis of the fellowship at the NESG will lead to the expansion of NESG's partnerships and that the NESG hopes that the fellows will continue to support and shape the trajectory of policy conversations in Nigeria that will help the economic growth of the country and humanity in general. 


"As Africa faces a tumultuous period in finding its feet in a globally complex world faced with macroeconomic headwinds, we trust your expertise will continue to be available to the NESG and the country in general. We will continue to call on the fellows to present briefs or cluster briefs to the people that need to hear it. It is an essential component of the future of the NRFP work, and the reward is to see the work become policy, which becomes action and translates to change," Dr Aduloju stated. He ended his speech by congratulating the Senior Fellows.


In congratulatory remarks, Senior Economist at the NESG, Mr. Wilson Erumebor, said that from the many research reports produced by the fellows, they have done a great job and exceeded expectations. He thanked the faculty members for contributing to the research programs and looked forward to further collaborations.


The president of the Nigerian Economic Society (NSE) and Professor of Economics at the University of Ibadan, Professor Adeola Adenikinju, said that he is impressed by the reports presented by the Non-resident fellows, which is a testament to the great work of the members of the faculty. He reiterated the importance of collaboration and properly utilising the country's resources to turn them into capital that will benefit the country. He urged the NESG and NSE to partner towards economic development in Nigeria. He commended the initiative, the fellows and the faculty for their steadfast contributions towards macroeconomic, sectoral and trade issues that potentially impact poverty alleviation, gender and growth.


While speaking on their experience, one of the fellows, Dr Adeyinka Adewale, said he worked with great minds in the trade cluster and appreciated the collaborative effort, which is based on love for the country and a dedication to the growth and development of Nigeria. He further appreciated the faculty's support, which was critical to the fellows' success. On his part, Dr Obinna Dike stated that the research will contribute to the nation's development and that the fellows will continue to contribute in individual and collective capacity to the nation's development. Another fellow, Dr Afolabi Olowookere, thanked the NESG for providing the platform and a level playing field for the fellows to contribute to national development.


In his closing remarks, Chief Economist and Head of Research at the NESG, Dr Olusegun Omisakin, thanked everyone for their hard work and contributions, evident in the outputs. He noted that the first cohort has raised the standard of the fellowship, and the experience and lessons learned are critical to further engagements and growth of the fellowship in the future.

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