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The Health Policy Commission is a recent creation of the NESG in recognition of the importance of health in socio-economic and human capital development. The Covid-19 pandemic underscored significant vulnerabilities in the health sector and showed the urgent need to invest in health and strengthen the resilience of the health system.

The overarching objective of the Policy Commission is to facilitate the adoption of the various NES recommendations as it relates to fostering equality in access to health, ensuring quality health services as well as financial risk protection.


  1. Leveraging the NES to stimulate discussions and crowd source for solutions. Engage in post-summit activities to push for implementation of the health recommendations
  2. High-level engagements with key public and private sector stakeholders to build consensus on, develop and advance reform options.
  3. Shaping policy through public debate to engage and enlighten the public and influence opinions to drive the needed reforms.
  4. Shaping policy through research by using relevant evidence to produce influencing and impactful thought-leadership outputs.
  5. Contributing to government policy reviews and development by either initiating or joining government policy review efforts targeted at health sector reforms.

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In-Country Dissemination Workshop Gender Differentials in Access to Medical Services during COVID-19 Lock-Down: Insights from Nigeria

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Milestones & Current Intiatives

  • The Health Policy Commission (HPC), in contributing to the government’s efforts to reform the health sector developed a White Paper titled Enhancing Local Production of Medicines and Vaccines in Nigeria. The paper examined the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria, discussed critical constraints in the sector and identified enablers of local manufacturing. In addition to proffering recommendations to enhance local manufacturing, the White paper also highlighted the support required from the government, development partners, and other stakeholders.
  • The HPC engaged the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) and other relevant stakeholders with the White Paper on Enhancing the Local Production of Medicines and Vaccines.
  • The HPC, at the Stakeholders Meeting for the Development of the National Strategic Plan for the Nigeria Pharmaceutical Sector, organised by the Federal Ministry of Health, presented findings and recommendations based on the HPC’s review of the Nigeria Vaccines Policy 2021 and the aforementioned White Paper.
  • The Federal Ministry of Health has invited the HPC to collaborate on developing the National Strategic Plan for the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sector.
  • The HPC engaged the Federal Ministry of Health with a review of the Nigeria Vaccine Policy (2021) document and offered recommendations.
  • The HPC submitted two policy memos to the Health Reform Committee chaired by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. The first memo was a brief report on Enhancing the Local Production of Medicines and Vaccines in Nigeria based on the White Paper mentioned above. The second memo focused on Healthcare Financing in Nigeria: Realities, Impediments & Recommendations. The submission was in response to a Call for Memoranda by the Committee.

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